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Psychology the scientific study

of the mind and behavior


 F A Q & Information on Psychology

Here at KIH our collaborative approach to care means we recognize how closely our mental health is connected to our physical health.

Think about a time when you lost the physical ability to participate in the activities you enjoy and how that made you feel. Likewise, perhaps you

remember a time when your body was OK, but you could not get motivated to do the physical activities that keep you strong, agile, and feeling good.

Psychologists specialize in understanding thoughts, emotions, behavior and brain function and they work towards helping you with the mental aspects of your health so you can have a happy, productive,and rewarding life.

We all struggle with our mental health from time to time. Are you experiencing any of the following?
- feeling down and depressed for too long,
- nervous and anxious you have trouble focusing and getting things done,
- your brain just doesn’t seem to work like everyone else’s,
- you seem to be stuck in a relationship pattern with a loved one that just isn’t working,
- you have unresolved health issues and its really getting you down,

or you have been through a traumatic event, and you still don’t feel right.

Sometimes what’s happening in our lives is too much to handle on our own. Our psychologist, Dene Shipowick, is here to support you and help get you back on track. Dene recognizes that you know your life best. He works collaboratively with you to find solutions that help in a timely manner. He is also trained in working with trauma and ensures you feel safe as you navigate these troubled waters.


Learn more about Dene by reading his bio below.

Dene Shipowick | Psychologist


Dene has been a Registered Psychologist for over 20 years and before that, he worked as a School Psychologist and Counsellor. Dene has worked in; mental health, addictions, rehabilitation, developmental disabilities, schools, family counselling and post-secondary education. 

Dene was born and raised in Red Deer AB but for most of his life felt a calling from the mountains, rivers, and lakes of beautiful British Columbia. In 2019 he arrived in Castlegar at his BC destination of choice, ready to work and enjoy the splendor of the West Kootenays.

Dene is passionate about helping his clients work towards achieving their goals for mental, physical and emotional well being. He uses a strength-based solution focused approach that recognizes clients are the ultimate expert of their lives and with the right support, can make use of their knowledge skills, and experience to solve their problems and move forward.  

Dene enjoys many activities available here in the Kootenays which include: hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, sailing, camping, live music and sitting around the evening campfire enjoying the company of friends. Also interested in Doukhobor history and outdoor building projects.

Areas Dene specializes in are Health Recovery, Mental Health Disorders, Addictions, Trauma, Neurodiversity, Stress/Burnout, Separation and Divorce and Performance Coaching. 

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