Kinesiology, also known as,exercise therapy, is the science of human movement. It will help you move with ease and be pain free. Kinesiolgy will imprve our posture, body alignment, muscular strength,flexibility,stability and balance. This is done in a safe way to help you build confidence and comfort in your body.

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Why Kinesiology?


The doctors and therapists at Kootenay Integrated Health not only use their exceptional hands on skills, but also know the value in teaching patients about rehabilitation and correct posture. Exercise is a key component in rehabilitation to ensure full recovery from injury and to promote optimal function.
These exercises come in many forms such as stretching, strengthening, mobilizations, core-stabilization, balancing and muscle re-education.

If your ability to move with ease has been compromised due to injury or illness, Kinesiology can help you recover. Sage is our registered and experienced kinesiologists who understands how to help patients through a range of injuries and postural dysfunctions. Her focus is to maintain, rehabilitate and enhance movement to the greatest possible extent. If you've been hurt in a workplace or vehicular accident, for example, a personalized kinesiology program can help you achieve a better health outcome.
You can also rest assured knowing that many of our kinesiology programs — can be covered by extended healthcare plans, workers' compensation plans, motor vehicle and other insurance plans. Please get in touch now to find out more.

Taylor Haeusler, Kinesiologist

When to Choose a Kinesiologist

• If you have an injury, disability or medical condition(s) and are ready to improve your health and fitness in a safe progressive manner.
• If you are undergoing medical treatment (Chiropractic, etc) and want to improve your level of fitness.
• Have a referral from a doctor to begin active rehabilitation for a health condition.
• Goals are to increase your strength, balance, core stability, posture realignment, or to simply move with ease and confidence.
• If you want to learn how to manage your health condition(s) with physical activity and lifestyle changes.
Posture Realignment Consultation
Is your body constantly aching or are there areas of pain that often reoccur? Many people will simply conclude that it is just ‘natural’ or ‘normal’ to be sore all the time. What they do not realize is that you can fix these problems yourself!

Most often pain occurs as a result of injury, when the body is out of alignment or certain muscles are not functioning fully. This makes the body adapt by using other muscles to compensate for the imbalance. Once this compensatory cycle begins it can spiral out of control until the whole body begins to shift its ideal alignment. By changing this chronic pattern of how we use the body we can fundamentally fix our longstanding issues.
So what is involved in a Posture Realignment Consult? Sage, our Kinesiologist, will perform a 1-hour assessment measuring your: • Core function
• Muscle strength and tightness
• Joint range of motion
• Spinal curvature
• Posture on the plumbline

The assessment gathers critical information to detect where your muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions are. This is followed by an individualized 1 hour training session including corrective exercises, stretches and mobilizations, leaving you with a program tailored specifically to realign and correct your posture. This program, which can generally be done at home with minimal equipment, takes from 20-40 minutes to do and is ideally done 3-5x per week. Less time commitment will also work but is less effective in realigning the body. The program works best once you go beyond the exercises and really integrate your new postural awareness throughout the day. The results can happen rapidly and you will generally start to feel better within weeks. Follow up are recommended every 4-6 weeks or as needed.